A small series of three commercial ads, which illustrate the subtle on-screen impact of different cinematic language tools. The three categories were: EDITING, MUSIC and LIGHTING Each of these clips show a couple of scenarios, which in essence are the same, but vary in the usage of the selected cinematic language tool. The clip about editing portrays the significance of the Kuleshov effect, which is one of the basis of cinematic speech. The shot, which follows directly after another shot influences the former, changing its meaning. The clip about music is a depiction of how different soundtracks change the same scenario, which is a young couple kissing. In one the soundtrack is very romantic, so the scene sets a very sweet, lovely mood. The other scenario is accompanied by heavy rock music, which brings forth a rebellious and vivacious atmosphere. Finally, in the last part, the same kissing scene is put alongside a dark, scary track, which generates suspense and creates a thriller-like ambience. The clip about lighting is also divided in three parts. In the first, the lady is lit in such a way, in which she looks threatening. Then the lighting changes and the scene gets a totally different tone – a portrait of a simple, sweet girl. Finally, the lighting transforms her into a femme fatale.

Agency: New!
Production: Scuare
Director: Tomas Ramanauskas
1 AD: Laurynas Valkiūnas
2 AD: Klementas Davidavičius
Producers: Matas Vainauskas, Laurynas Mataitis
DOP: Laurynas Mataitis, Jonas Žaliūnas
Editor: Karolis Labutis
Sound designer: Chris Metric
Gaffers: Jonas Žaliūnas, Algimantas Mikutėnas
Art direction: Sabina Korzunova
Style: Edita Mockevičiūtė
Make-up: Jurgita Globytė
Cast: Alvydė Pikturnaitė, Ugnė Suprinavičiūtė, Vaida Tautavičiūtė, Tomas Butautas, Arūnas Urbanavičius

  •   3 April 2016

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