This atmospherical music video is about a lost man. Everchanging urbanscapes, crowds of people passing by, it all provokes uncertainty, chaos, fear. It Creates the picture of an alien environment. The character comes back to the beginning. Home. However, it is all abandoned, forgotten and it is not clear if by stopping time in a place we can come back to it and resume from the point we left.

Actors: Justas Vanagas, Igoris Kofas, Fausta Seminovaitė
Director: Klementas Davidavičius 
1st AD: Laurynas Valkiūnas
DOP: Jonas Žaliūnas
Drone operators: Domantas Kancleris, Mantas Kristijonas Kuliešis
Editing: Karolis Labutis
Producers: Laurynas Mataitis, Matas Vainauskas
Make-up: Beatričė Surgela

  •   15 February 2016

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  •   Client:

    MP3 Music Agency