Usual day at the office, just that everyone has left already and you’re totally fed up with working overtime. However, a groovy rock song has gotten you through the day, so why not to listen to it at full volume and dance your ass off in the empty corridors of your work place.. Until you get caught by the night guard. Well but it was worth it.

Music by: Freaks On Floor
Actors: Justinas Jarutis / Rokas Beliukevičius (Freaks on Floor)
Directors: Laurynas Valkiūnas, Klementas Davidavičius
Producers: Laurynas Mataitis, Matas Vainauskas
DOP: Laurynas Mataitis
AC: Jonas Žaliūnas
Editor/Colorist: Karolis Labutis
Make-up: Justina Jarutė
Making-of / Photographer on set: Beatričė Surgela

  •   11 October 2016

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    Freaks on Floor