It’s a series of short episodes, that is displayed whenever the 15min. website detects that the reader is using ADBLOCK, which hides the advertisements from the site. These short clips are based on an honest ME-YOU relationship between the reader and the journalist, because online news sites are based on a loyal reader base, who are attracted because of the articles the journalists write. The readers actively surf the site, read the news and are being shown ads, which generate income for the journalists. So 15 min. is offering a suggestion – if you don’t want to disable ADBLOCK, because ads can really be a nuissance, then subscribe by paying 1 euro and support the quality of 15 min. journalism!

Director: Klementas Davidavičius
DOP: Laurynas Mataitis
Creative director: Aistė Jūrė

  •   22 June 2016

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